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There’s a lot of talk going on that everyone has a story and everyone needs to share their story. And, especially in the case of believers, that is true. If you have drowned in the grace of Jesus Christ and you have seen His faithfulness, His love in your life, if you know what real hope is, what real peace is, then you have a story. 

But you don’t need to write it. Necessarily. 

Some of you need to sing your story. You need to put it to a melody. Some of you need to dance your story. Some of you need to speak your message—give it expression and hand gestures and tone that only voice can convey. Some of you need to show hope with dirty hands; love with cake batter; faith with feet planted beside grief; peace with healing. Some of you need to play your story on a piano, some of you need to paint it, some of you need to photograph it, you need to draw it, you need to sketch it. And some of you, perhaps only a few of you, need to write it. 

Every story does not need to be written. Not everyone needs to write, because not everyone reads. And because some stories cannot be conveyed with words. 

Have you ever been in a worship service and you see someone playing the guitar, jumping up and down, so literally moved with adoration, hope, praise, love for their Savior? Their passion is catching and you have tears in your eyes watching them. That story cannot be conveyed with words. 

Try to write laughter. Or hugs. Or sunsets.

Some stories are not meant to be written. Some storytellers are not meant to write. And that’s okay. 


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