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Encouraged by my friend, MeLissa, and this TED Talk, I downloaded the 1 Second Everyday app last year. I missed January 1, so I thought it would be fun to start on my birthday and film 1 second every day of my twenty-ninth year.

As you may know, my birthday was in April. Technically the video experiment ended 6 months ago. Which leaves lots of my friends and family members asking what I did with the video and why they’ve never seen it (it became a game to try to get in the most seconds). I was trying to add music, blah blah, my blog broke, blah blah. I have good reasons for waiting, but they are boring. So, without further ado, here it is, folks. In all its glory.

Filming one second of your life every day can be a learning experience. Mainly, you learn how easily you can forget to do something even if you do it every day. Here are a few other lessons I learned.

  • You can’t do over memories. All those days I forgot to film something? I couldn’t get those back. And the way the app worked, I couldn’t “make up” stuff. Even if I did the same thing three days in a row and filmed it two out of three, it wouldn’t let me insert the videos in the days I forgot. This is the same in real life. You can’t recreate moments and memories. At least not with 100% accuracy.
  • People are the best part of life. My favorite seconds are those filled with people.
  • My job is pretty boring to watch. And so are many of my hobbies. Reading and sipping tea makes for a great instagram post. Watching TV and movies is a fun escape sometimes. But they aren’t the best memories or videos.
  • One second is very short. Sorry for all the times I tried to get everyone in a shot. Maybe don’t watch this video full-screen. It’s dizzying.
  • You can’t edit life. This goes with the first one. The app was a bit buggy in that it sometimes wouldn’t let me go back and choose a different video or change what I wrote on blank screens when I forgot. There’s also less chance to filter in video. You can’t crop or blur or brighten (at least not in this app). As an editor, I hated that. But it’s a good lesson for life. We can’t edit.
  • The more active, the better. The most epic seconds are ones that are active. Here’s to more adventuring!
  • Music makes everything better. I finally figured out how to add music. Did I figure out how to edit that music so there weren’t moments of silence or the same song didn’t play twice in a row? No. But music did add a lot to the video. And it adds a lot to life.
  • The iPhone camera sometimes needs a moment after you flip it to film horizontally. Like, it needs more than one second.
  • Some moments are best captured in motion. What I loved about the app is that it introduced me, in a way, to how fun video can be. I am used to taking still photos all the time, but some moments are so much more fun if they are moving. Since completing the year, I have started filming more things instead of solely taking still pictures.
  • I’m not great with technology. I always knew this. But, goodness. My apologies for the tech-quality of this film.
  • The best moments aren’t recorded. Many times when I was having a great time, I forgot about my camera. I wasn’t trying to capture the moment because I was living it. Many of the blank screens represent those moments.


Will I ever film one second of every day again? Probably not. But I don’t regret it. I will forever have my 29th year on film (at least one second of most days on film) and that’s just fun.

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