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October 2017. AIM died. 280 character tweets were rolling out to even more people. The 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Halloween. 

Genius. [This is the part of the show where I tell you I do not follow John Mayer, but I have heard he is tweeting interesting things these days.]

I just put this here because I am probably as fanatical about Superstore as Alissa is.

And then they hosted a cruise.

This show is The Good Place. 

It’s true. October 31—the Christian nerd jokes about the reformation meet family costumes. My fave.


Had my own personal “Yes, Yes, No” segment with this one and then forced my coworker to listen to my entire explanation after I laughed out loud once I got it. Thanks, Reply All. Sorry, Sarah.

I do not follow this guy, but I had to include this because LOOK AT THE FINE PRINT ON THE TAGS. #conspiracy



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