Tweets of the Month Club | October 2016

Tweets of the Month Club | October 2016

Y’all. I’ve been doing recaps here to provide context and historical record, but this month was all about the election. Crack open your history books, future self. You’ll figure it out. 

Here are the best tweets to cross my feed this month. 

These were so good I had to include all of them.



Bear with us, Canada.

I mainly included this to say, yes. Watch Superstore.

Seriously. Why aren’t more people talking about this? I’d take no headphone jack over the 12-step process to open my phone any day.

This will always be a huge regret of mine. Not being part of that show.

Just because this is an awesome picture.

A fun game to play in Nashville is costume or tourist? costume or hipster? costume or Barista Parlor?

Yes, thank you Twitter. This is why I will always love you best.

Kids in costumes are our rewards for enduring the debates.

Makes me lol for real every time.



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