Tweets of the Month Club | November 2016

Tweets of the Month Club | November 2016

Guys, guys, guys. Everyone just calm down.

November was a crazy month. The Cubs won the World Series. We had a presidential election. Thanksgiving. And boy, did we tweet about it, all of it. This may be the longest Tweets of the Month Club ever. I don’t actually know because I don’t count them. Too many numbers. 


(@cortgatliff currently lives in France. This is an important note for the rest of his tweets this month.)

I watched this happen and I am still amazed it worked. HOW??


Bless their hearts.

Why don’t voting precincts have photo booths? Maybe JT could make this happen?

I made an apple pie. And scanned Twitter.

I know this is basically quoting myself, but this tweet made history.

Thank you, Canada.

I’d retweet this every day if I could.



Such a good answer to that question!

I’ve thought this for a long time and am so glad to have confirmation from a professional that my opinion is right (or at least shared).

Grandmother’s iPad, but same.

“I want to spend less than $200.”
“We got nothing.”

(This tweet will be contradicted in a moment. Just know that while I do not like the song, I have always liked that line. So it’s not hypocritical.)


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