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It is June, y’all. That’s just something I realized yesterday, so I’m still getting used to the idea. May meant Mother’s Day, a DCTalk announcement, and a whole bunch of political issues. As a result, there may be a little bit of whiplash from serious to snarky, but isn’t that what we all love about Twitter? Here are the best tweets tweeted in May. 

Y’all know this is a campaign (and hashtag) I could get behind.


I do not understand LaGuardia. How is it like it is?

Sorry. This was too funny to not include.



For example, E.D. Hyndman

Please, please go read this blog post.

I, too, recently bought shorts with an elastic waistband (that are not workout shorts) and can testify to this.

Thanks for tweeting this month. I still read words and love following along. 

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