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Well, friends, it’s been a while. But March 2020 called for a return of Tweets of the Month.

In March 2020, tornadoes ripped through Nashville, leaving much of our city demolished. Super Tuesday took place. The time changed. The biggest news, of course, being that COVID-19 has swept across our world. A pandemic. While I may write something serious on it at some point, Tweets of the Month, as always, will be an uplifting selection. We are in this together, apart.

These guys saved a lot of lives March 3. Thankful for them!
And this is before. Now we live this awkward 30 seconds many, many times each day.
I will never again have fewer than a month’s worth of toilet paper in my home.
Praying for those in Jonesboro going through this same thing now.
Worth a click-through to see the whole thread.

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