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March. I know. Easter was on April 1. I had a Greek midterm because that’s something I’m still doing (why). That is the full list of my excuses. 

So to just remind everyone, in March we had the Oscars, there was that “barbecue” plate from New York that got everyone in the South riled up, the most dramatic finale ever of The Bachelor happened and we hated it, March Madness happened, we prepared for Easter. 

Here are the best tweets about all of that and more.  

I once saw a man walk down the aisle of the plane carrying one of those potty-training toilet seats as his three-year-old son screamed down the aisle ahead of him. I just feel like it’s important for all of us childless people to know that is a thing that happened.

(prepare your heart for a tweet about The Bachelor immediately following the story from Reverend Billy Graham’s funeral)

Devin’s son is Tom Haverford.


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