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Listen. I was in Dallas a lot in June and July. I know they have internet there, too, but the point is that I was busy. So I missed a lot of Twitter. Through the magic of catch-up lists and Twitter showing me everything anyone I follow has ever read, I was able to pull together a tweets of the two-months club. You’re welcome. Other than that, I’m not sure we need a lot of “remember when?” context for these tweets. Which is good, because Twitter is my news and I wasn’t on Twitter as much, ergo I don’t really know/remember what all happened in the world during those two months. Nonetheless, here are the best tweets I read in June and July!


(Stop and watch that episode of Carpool Karaoke. Trust me on this.)


Last time I was at my grandmother’s house, I picked up a remote and pushed the Power button. Everyone gasped. “Well, now we’ll never be able to get the TV to work right.”

(I was part of that group text and FOR THE RECORD Eugenie is not tier 3.)

The following are from a genius thread of Bible stories told with The Office gifs. Disclaimer: I follow none of these people but laughed out loud at this thread multiple times.

Okay, now back to regular programming.

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