Tweets of the Month Club | July 2016

Tweets of the Month Club | July 2016

Here’s the deal. There was a lot of tragedy in July 2016. I also accidentally took a week off from Twitter. Those things combined make this an unusual Tweets of the Month Club. I’ll just leave it as these are some, but not all, of the best tweets to cross my feed this month. 


See also: clown ministries.

If the third time doesn’t work, the realist throws away the glass.


I’ve had this same experience.

We’re just going to send links to instagrams of money.

I’m planning a thinkpiece on this very trend for Coffee Shoppers, if we ever revive that blog. Prepare your hearts, Nashville.


[The first tweet is in response to a tweet about Snapchat filters. I can’t get it to not be attached.]

Shout out to Dr. Rainer (and every introvert at LifeWay now sharing one elevator).

Granted, my “sabbatical” was a lot shorter, but I learned the same thing!

Mainly, I’m just really impressed. Also considering starting my own collection.

Mainly included this one because Beth Moore shares my belief that we’ll have colloquies in heaven (I’m also hoping for panel discussions and seminars).



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