Tweets of the Month Club | August + September 2016

Tweets of the Month Club | August + September 2016

Guys, guys! August and September gave us a lot to tweet about. Unfortunately, I was not on Twitter as much as usual and I was in Alaska on September 1st. So here we are with a double feature. To recap (for context), we had the Olympics, Instagram copied Snapchat, the election, etc. etc.

Without further ado, the best tweets I read in my feed in August and September.

Yes, I, as an editor, favorited this and am putting it here. As a writer and as an editor, I agree.

Same. In fairness, I’ve been a day off on both a hotel reservation and a plane ticket (different trips) before.

I missed most of the Olympics because of this.

This was my very favorite Katie Ledecky tweet.

I would say we, as America, should just have a cuppa to solve the election, but that’s kind of what got us into this.

If so, I am doomed. We will be each other’s only friend.

But my instagram followers said it was worth it. 🙂

You guys, I deleted 3/4 of my study abroad photos from Facebook because you could only have 60 photos per album. Now they’re on a CD. A CD! No one can heart them on a CD!


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