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Well, April was another month of quarantine due to the coronavirus. (I like to put in details like that so future generations will maybe understand the context of some of these tweets.) April also brought Easter, as well as my birthday, which was one for the books in a few ways.

Here are the best tweets from the month of April, 2020.

I saw a few churches doing this for their pastors and it made me shed a tear each time. We’re still here. We’re still together. Metaphorically.
April 2020 is also when I cried because of many tweets. This whole thread, just watched them all and cried one morning. It was cathartic. Highly recommend.
Mostly including this because I’d like to start a campaign for us to adopt the candlelight services on Easter tradition. But also because it’s Queen Elizabeth.
Something about this one following the one about praying for great and unimaginable things makes me love it even more.
And chips and salsa refills.

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