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Other Writings

I also write with Laura McClellan at Coffee Shoppers: Exploring Coffee Shop Culture (and Judging It Accordingly).

Online Articles/Guest Posts:

Patience Has Its Perks” Threads, Life Blog, LifeWay

Saint Patrick: The Man, The Myth, The Legend” Threads Blog, LifeWay

Speaking to 20- and 30-Somethings” Threads, Life Blog, LifeWay

Reality Shows We Would Actually Watch” Laura McClellan

Rejoice With Those Who Rejoice” Threads, Life Blog, LifeWay

Stop.” Unknown Jim

“What ‘Parenthood’ Teaches Us About Community” Featured Article, FaithVillage

How to Get Out of Being a Third (or Fifth, or Seventh, etc.) Wheel” Single, Party of One” TV Asylum

free christian dating site in usa” Unknown Jim” Jamie’s Rabbits

How to Prepare for Camp” Centrikid Blog

Siri is the new church secretary” Stuff Christians Like

In Case of Time Warp” Dear 18 Me

The Saint Behind Santa Claus” Relevant Magazine online

“Sweet Sleep” Reject Apathy, Relevant Magazine online (no longer available)

As Easy As ABC?” dotkids blog

“Why I Worked Camp” Behind the OMC blog (no longer available)

“Seeing Incredible Things” Behind the OMC blog (no longer available)

The True Story of St. Patrick” Relevant Magazine online

The Story of St. Valentine” Relevant Magazine online

“A Bed for Every Head” Cool People Care (no longer available)

In Print:
“Sweet Sleep” Gathering Magazine

“We Like…Blogging,” “Health Watch: Eat Healthy During Feast Season,” “Spiritual Growth: What’s a Hypocrite?”, “All About Advent,” Collegiate Magazine, Winter 2013-2014. (not available online)

“American Idols: When Faith and Fame Collide,” Collegiate Magazine, Spring 2014. 


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