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Every year on January 1, some friends and I get together for brunch and goal setting. It’s something that my friend, Katie, spearheads. A few years ago, she began our time of reflection and resolutions by asking us to ask “What if …” questions for our year to come. The point of asking “What if …” is to dream, to let loose limitations.

Last year, as we asked “What if …”, we also assigned one another words for the year. Going around to each girl in the room, we discussed areas where we’d seen her grow in the past year and then named hopes for her in 2015. The rule was that you could not assign your own word and you could not change your word once it was chosen (We are not flippant when it comes to the rules.). We spoke encouragement over each other and dreamed for each person what we wanted them to be and do in 2015.

This year, I was sent a questionnaire in advance. Katie takes new years seriously and we are to reflect and complete the questionnaire before brunch on Friday. (She did say it is optional because she knows some of our friend group aren’t that into filling out forms. I’m totally into it and replied immediately and enthusiastically that I could not wait to fill mine out.) I posted the questionnaire on Instagram and received a few requests for it in writing. With Katie’s permission, I have put it down below. Feel free to copy any of our ideas. There’s no copyright on dreaming.  

Looking back on 2015

My word for the year was _____________. This word proved prophetic by:

When I look back on 2015, I will remember it as the year:

My best new discovery this year was:

The best thing that happened to me all year was:

My least favorite thing that happened all year was:

In 2015, I’m proud of myself for/because:

If I could do 2015 over again, I would do this differently:

This year, I learned the Lord is:

This year, I’m most grateful for:

The year ahead

In 2016 I want to…







In 2016 I’m looking forward to:

Other goals/What If questions for 2016:


I also wanted to include this because I thought it was a great idea. On the List App, someone created a list asking people to post a picture that summed up their year, along with the reason they chose that picture. I love stuff like that—an insight into how people from different cultures and walks of life experienced their year. I submitted one and thought it was a fun exercise to reflect on 2015. I’d love to see yours (if you have a link, leave it in the comments, or just tag me on Instagram). Here’s mine:

mountain selfie

This picture was taken on a solo vacation. My year included travel (with friends, family, and alone), buying a house, turning 30, and working hard to grow in my career. (I also learned to embrace the selfie, because sometimes you are your own best photographer.) This picture seems to represent all of those things.

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