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I recently wrote this for the LifeWay Women blog and I thought I would link to it from here just because it’s Thanksgiving and so y’all (and I looking back) will know I do write stuff, just not always here.

We often think of abundance this time of year. Our tables are abundant with food. Our homes are abundant with friends and family. We are reminded of our abundance of blessings as our posture bends toward gratefulness and thanksgiving.

Conversely, when we think about God’s faithfulness during November, we are often drawn to think about abundance. What has He given us in abundance? Faithfulness and abundance seem to go hand-in-hand when we are sliding napkins into rings and holding hands for prayer and carving a turkey. God is faithful in His abundance. 

I’m going to give you a little peek behind the scenes of the LifeWay Women: All Access blog. We came up with this title and topic months ago. We sat around before the leaves even changed their colors and someone mentioned abundance and Thanksgiving. Someone else came up with the title, “God’s Faithfulness in Abundance.” I volunteered or was assigned to write the post (we don’t remember). The blog header was designed, the draft created, the newsletter written and edited and scheduled. It was all done in advance. Except the writing.

We did not know when we decided to write about God’s Faithfulness in Abundance that what our world would have in abundance this November was fear and hurt and anger.God’s faithfulness can be more difficult to find amidst that sort of abundance.

Read more at LifeWay Women.

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