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Guys, this was a good week in my feedly. I have lots of articles, less videos. So, there may be a bonus thing or two (remember this on those weeks when I only have 3 things).

1. I’ve Seen Best Again by Shaun Groves.

2. You know all those pictures on Pinterest of toddlers and children dressed better than you could ever hope to be dressed yourself? Well, this woman collects those pictures on a board called “My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter” and it is one of my new favorite things. Best part? Her imaginary daughter’s name is Quinoa.

3. Last week, we discussed the rise of the introvert. Now, Annie has a guide for the introvert on How to Be Social.

4. I post this as a WARNING that such a thing is possible:

Where I found this, they said this happened at 1am because she was “bored” sitting in the dark. So she turned on the lights and got out. They do lock their doors now, AS THEY SHOULD.

5. Another Annie wrote this week about The Cost of marriage. I love this. I think about that cost every Saturday morning that I stay in the center of my bed until 10:30am.

Bonus video:

Bonus thing that I wrote somewhere else: The Moroccan Mint Tea Latte.

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