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1. If you are reading this, then the world didn’t end! Or you survived the apocalypse! Or maybe it just hasn’t ended yet…not sure what time the Mayans said it would end, or what time zone they were in…Central?

2. I didn’t write about Sandy Hook. I started to one day, but so many beautiful things had already been said. I ended up deleting all my words. Here are some of those beautiful things:

Everything Is Broken
Sandy Hook
What Writers Do
An Attempt to Put Words on the Heartbreak
Saddened by Specifics
In Search of the Light
I Am Not Okay

3. My friend Darilynn told me about this great app called Apps Gone Free. Basically, every day it tells you which apps are free, for both iPhone and iPad. I’ve gotten several fun apps since I downloaded, including Snapseed, for absolutely nothing. It’s a free app, too. win-win! (Though this sounds like a commercial, neither Darilynn nor I are getting paid to promote this app.)

4. I know I’ve mentioned the Relevant Podcast before somewhere in a Things I Like Tuesday or something, but you may not have read that. And last week’s was SO funny. I recommend it.

5. The Charlie Brown School of Dance (I will be breaking out these moves at the next wedding I attend. You have been warned.):

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