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1. Love Like This. It’s another Angie Smith post. I realize that if you wanted to read all of her posts, you would’ve just subscribed to her blog by now. But, so good. I maybe want to be her best friend.

2. Why Our World Doesn’t Need More Santas. This isn’t a rant about putting Christ back in Christmas or anything. Shawn Smucker eloquently (as always) explains that sometimes the most valuable thing we can give is not a gift.

3. How to Get Away With Hanging Your Own Art in a Museum. If anyone wants to attempt this at the next Nashville art crawl, I’m totes in.

4. The Twentysomething Nursery Rhyme. So accurate it’s frightening.

5. And now for your weekly dose of cuteness via Antonia:

I mean if there was just a webcam featuring a live stream of puppies opening presents, I’d probably watch it for at least an hour. Throw in some kittens and I’d be good for the afternoon.

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