Friday Five

Oh, Friday Five. It’s been a while. I’ve been saving up links, too, so sorry if you’ve already seen these by now. This Friday Five is like your Uncle Ted at a family dinner who says, “I saw the funniest video the other day. Two kids. One bites the other kid’s finger!” And you say, “Oh, yeah. I’ve seen that one; hilarious.” and Uncle Ted says, “Here, let me find it. So funny!” And your grandma’s like, “Phones these days have everything, don’t they?”

Like that. Only, this Friday Five won’t force you to watch, like Uncle Ted.

Now that I’ve personified a blog series, here are your links:

1. Rory Gilmore and her books. love.

2. Here’s a new pinterest-themed website that had me laughing out loud: WTF Pinterest Commenters. If you’ve ever scrolled through the “Popular” page and read some of the comments, you’ll understand why this tumblr exists.

[Sidenote: “That should be a tumblr!” is almost a new catchphrase of mine. Usually, though, it’s already a tumblr.]

3. Moves Like Chandler. Guys, now that Friends is on TV Land (I think it’s TV Land…also, this is where they used to show Mr. Ed. WE ARE SO OLD) about 24/7, I am watching it way more often and I am not complaining. Anyway, fun video:

4. Angie Smith is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers. While thus far I’ve only read her blog, I have two of her books on the “Must Read” shelf of my most urgent bookshelf–right between counseling textbooks and my Olivia Christmas coloring book. I loved this post on the Seam of Sky and also this not-as-serious one on Yvonne.

5. Katie Davis is up for Woman of the Year in Glamour Magazine. I’m sure all these ladies are wonderful, but y’all know how much I love Katie. Vote for her here.

And bonus: This kid conducted a “social experiment” where he pretended to be famous. I love that. Also, I love social experiments. I have several ideas.

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  1. Oh, how I love Friday Five! And Chandler Bing’s dance moves.


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