Friday Five

Friday Five


2. The Intimidating Single Woman: A Parable. Related: May You Not Be Weird and 30 Other Prayers for My Future Husband.

3. Sponsor a Millennial. I would probably change this to “hipster,” but whatevs.

4. This is heartbreakingly beautiful writing on the loss of a daughter and the birth of a son.

5.┬áBecause here we are. A simple way to figure out who you should vote for. A post about the scandal of this heated election. A speech about religion and the election (An hour long, but completely worth it, especially for those of us who grew up in the church. Pro Tip: change your phone auto-lock to “Never” then pull up the video on your phone. You can listen to it like a podcast while you clean, cook, drive, etc. Visuals aren’t necessary, so it works great just listening.) And a call to love our neighbors in this wild world.

BONUS Podcast Recommendation:

Home Row with Jen Wilkin. Great for anyone trying to write something that means something. Favorite quotes:

“Everything on the internet wants to present itself as thought provoking. … Sometimes it’s just clutter.”
“The job of the Bible teacher is not to say new things. … My job is not to write what’s new but to write what’s old for the sake of new ears.”

BONUS BONUS Podcast Recommendation:

Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey: Tara Leigh Cobble

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  1. I thought the same thing – Emily Gilmore…in a t-shirt. A Candies t-shirt, no less. What a world we live in.


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