Friday Five

Friday Five

1. This pitch for an episode of The Office based on this year’s election makes me almost want to read fan fiction. (via Jacey)

2. Speaking of TV, this little video mourning the loss of some of our favorite shows made me smile (language warning).

3. On a completely different note, I loved this piece on the synchronous fireflies.

4. I cannot wait for the new Beauty and the Beast. It is my favorite fairy tale and the first movie I remember seeing in theaters and now it’s live! I love this side-by-side comparison of the two trailers:

5. A couple of British items that have nothing to do with Brexit: 1. This gif. 2. This video, which perhaps only I will like, but Friday Five also serves as a filing system for me, so I’m including it. This makes me want to row again.

BONUS Podcast Recommendation: I just started listening to Presidential (I’ve heard George Washington and John Adams thus far), but I love the idea. And I love random facts. And history. Plus, I think it’s very timely to learn about our past presidents in light of the upcoming election. I also love that they say they don’t yet know who will be the subject of the 44th episode. Do you think they’ll record two and then throw the other one out, like the losing team’s championship t-shirts?


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