Friday Five

Friday Five

1. 100 Years of Beauty in One Minute. 

2. When Singleness Feels Like a Mess

3. I’m pretty sure someone tweeted this video, but I can’t remember who. Anyway, so good.

4. Spotify’s Year in Music. This is fascinating. You can also see your own year in music. Apparently I like a lot of “acoustic pop” and “shimmer pop.” 

5. Speaking of years in music, here’s a fun video of the hit songs of 2014, all smashed together (I believe the kids call it a mashup [I also call it a mashup. I’m not sure why I called it smashed together earlier or why I feel the need to explain all of this or why I’m still typing.])


Because this is where you come for all your Lennon and Maisy news and they have a cute Christmas video out:





  1. Woah Lennon looks like a 20-something in that video.


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