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1. Napoleon Dynamite came out ten years ago. I know. We’re old, y’all. The cast got back together to unveil a statue on the Fox Studios lot. I also liked this interview with the director and the star. 

2. You may have seen this by now, but it’s so great. This guy made use of his time stuck in an airport overnight alone. He rigged up his iPhone on his suitcase and sent it down escalators and moving sidewalks to get the right shots. It’s a longer video, but it really holds up through to the end. 

All by myself from Richard Dunn on Vimeo.


3. Little Thing. I just really loved this by Hannah Brencher this week. 

4. Meet the guy who does all the “Hey”s in your favorite indie songs. 


5. One of my new favorite Twitter accounts is Saved You A Click. He reads the story then posts the answer to the linkbait in the headlines. It’s saved me time and provided entertainment. Thanks to Laura for finding and sharing! 

And I’m posting this article just in case I decide not to write my dissertation on why reading YA isn’t shameful. Anne made a couple of the same points I was going to/will make, so I may not need to write anything now. 

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