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1. I love this trailer for the new Muppet movie. I lol’d (literally):

2. So a couple months ago, Lyle pointed out that my favorite sports writer wrote a longform piece on Tim Tebow. A week or so later, I began to read the article. It’s long (hence the name “longform”), so I had to take a break. Basically, I finally finished it (it’s not really THAT long, but I kind of forgot about it for a bit) and it was worth the read. The way Lake (the author) weaves football into the over-arching story of the legend of Tim Tebow is brilliant (even if you don’t understand all the football terminology).

3. Have you ever thought about how the FRIENDS theme song is sort of depressing? At least your friends are there for you…

4. Funny notes written by kids.

5. I love what Shawn Smucker says about this community and this video, “This kind of dancing in the face of a difficult journey is not easy. It almost always requires a strong community, a band of people willing to rise up alongside us and dance as well, even if they can’t join us on the road, even if they are only there to see us off. This is the kind of friend we all need, the kind of friend we all need to be – willing dancers, ready to celebrate even the embarkation into dark and stormy waters.”


And in this week’s edition of Promote Yourself, Promote Your Friends:

Nicole wrote a piece for our Coffee Shoppers blog that is more popular than anything Laura and I have ever written for Coffee Shoppers–If Nashville Coffee Shops Were Real People. In order to cope with the fame she brought us, we got a twitter account and facebook page. Feel free to like and follow.

Erin and MeLissa have another video:

I find this particularly funny because when I stayed in their shared bedroom once, they pulled out a Queen-size air mattress for me to sleep on. Obviously, they enjoy misery. Probably because they’re comedians and it gives them material.

Lydia and I also have a new video. It’s about sweet carbonated beverages and Oreos.

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