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Friends, it’s been a minute. I stopped doing the Friday Five when I somehow gathered almost five jobs and now I find myself with only two (sometimes three). Perhaps in my free time, I’ll be able to read more of the internet and share it with you. I’m not going to promise that this will be a weekly occurrence, but should I find some tweets that I like, I’ll add them in here too. I might even try to write on this thing every so often. They say the blog is dead; I say we can make them cool again.

Really, I’m just a collector. The blog is a place to collect things—fun stories, thoughts, links, and tweets.

Here are just a few of my favorite things from the past several months:

A book for every age. Have you read the one for your current age?

Speaking of books, Little Women is one of my favorites. I loved the 1994 movie and this oral history of it did not disappoint.

Listen. to this podcast. Dolly Parton’s America explores a theme I’ve been noticing myself in the last couple of years. And one of the guys who does RadioLab, arguably the best produced podcast, is behind this one, so it’s a great listen on multiple levels.

I somehow found this poem, “The Opposite Game,” and I recommend it.

I’ve recently become interested in this Instagram feed. Who wants to go in with me to just buy a fixer-upper somewhere in Maine?

This music video is the happiness your Friday needs.



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