Friday Five

1. Joseph Gordon Levitt will star in Fraggle Rock. Yes, please. 

2. This is kind of long, but worth it. (via Rob)

3. Young Americans Turn to Tea. All I have to say is #TrendSetter. (via Chris)

4. Tom Hanks, ladies and gentlemen. 

(it’s important to note that both my dad and my sister sent me this video separately.) Also, his Woody impression at the end is worth the wait. 

5. Love, love this video of Joy and Annie talking about singleness and the church. There are several times I said “Yes!” out loud while watching this. 



We usually get to see the comedic side of IF:Local hosts Joy Eggerichs and Annie Downs, but today we are excited to sit down with them as they share honestly about their singleness and experience in the church.This is a conversation we invite you to join, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Posted by IF : Gathering on Saturday, March 21, 2015


Friday Five

1. What If Singleness Is My Fairy Tale? I loved this perspective on living in light of God’s sovereignty.


2. I loved watching Kimmy Schmidt. And I actually told a friend that Kimmy is possibly what I would have been like had I skipped college and gone straight to New York City. I mean, not exactly. I would have been more afraid. Anyway, I liked this article by another homeschooler about her experience compared to Kimmy’s. My homeschool experience was much different, but her perspective is interesting for sure. 


3. A coworker sent me this for a collaborative post we do for work and I loved it so much I’m putting it here, too. 



4. I know your bracket may already be busted, but there’s still time to have a not-busted bracket in the Nashville Coffee Shop Bracket Challenge. #NashCoffeeMadness. Also, remember to vote for your favorite shop. Basically, you can actually shape how your bracket turns out. 


5. Google Feud. It’s like Family Feud, but with Google searches. A great way to waste train for several hours (for the real thing). [via WardrobeDoor]


Friday Five

1. Jami Nato is one of my favorite bloggers and she’s writing a book. She talks a little about that in this post, but I’m linking to it because of what she says about blogging. I feel much the same way (including the part about not writing here in a while [sorry. working on it.]). 

2. Good Friends Feed Our Souls. Yes, they do. 

3. I heart Johnnyswim.

4. Older Men, Younger Men Need You. So, this is about guys, but I really like what Paul said and I think it also applies to women. (Plus, I have guys who read this blog… I don’t know why I’m still explaining this. It’s a good article.)

5. Advice to Writers: Get a Freditorial Team. I do this on a much smaller scale, but I appreciate the categorical breakdown of the friends-who-are-editors that writers need in their lives. I need to bulk up my team. 


Friday Five

1. I thought this was an interesting interview with Stephen Colbert.

2. She’s your collaborator, not your competition. This article is looking at what it means to be a single independent Christian woman, who would also like to get married. 

3. If Wes Anderson directed X-Men.

What if Wes Anderson directed X-Men? from Patrick Willems on Vimeo.

4. It’s the 50th Anniversary of Sound of Music. This article ranks the Von Trapp children, and I pretty much agree 100%. 

5. NEEDTOBREATHE is coming out with a live album, which is fantastic, especially because it’s live at the Fontanel. I was at that show and it was one of my favorites ever. You can preorder now. 

And because this is a new video and I’m still not tired of this song:



Friday Five

What a week.

1. Parks and Recreation, one of my favorite shows, has ended. There are countless articles, etc. on the end of a show like this. One theme I’ve noticed is the fact that Parks & Rec was so joyful. I love what this article says, “In the end, it is one of the best comedies TV has ever seen, and one that stands out from so much of the great shows of this new Golden Age of Television because its default emotion was joy when so many of this era’s great shows are defined by darkness, and its default philosophy was one of optimism at a time when even the best comedies today tend towards ironic detachment.” I also loved this article.

2. A Prayer for When You Barely Have Time to Eat. Amen.


4. How’s everyone feeling about the snow? Laura and I (but mostly Laura) wrote this journal entry about going without coffee/being trapped by ice and snow. 

5. Finally, #thedress. The Internet is a bizarre place, y’all. Here’s the dress in question:

the dress

I only see this is blue and black. However, I know some of you see it as gold and white and somehow this came to the Internet’s attention and people were freaking.out. about it. There are several articles dealing with the science of it that, frankly, bored me. I did skim them enough to know that it has to do with how the cones in your eyes handle light and overexposure or something like that. But I thought it was fascinating that everyone was really bothered by this. And I liked what Mindy Kaling said:

the dress Mindy

I think this is why everyone was freaking out. What they knew, what they believed was undoubtable, was now being brought into question. They were beginning to doubt. 

I don’t really have any link to go with that, I just found it fascinating and it’s all over twitter. Sometimes it’s nice to remember what was The Biggest Deal Ever after we’ve forgotten about it. 


Friday Five

1. Watching “Saturday Night Live” in the Time of ISIS. I don’t know if this article completely reflects my thoughts on this, but it’s something that I’m figuring out. It is hard to live in the whiplash, to know how to react, to know—seriously—what to tweet. I appreciate Tyler Huckabee’s perspective. 

2. Holy Writ. This is a long article, but if you appreciate writing and the art of the comma, you’ll find it interesting. (via Megan)

3. You may have seen this by now, but I love a good mashup. 

4. Counting Marriage as Loss. Love, love this from Lore. It is exactly where I am in so many ways. I am always thankful for writers who say, “Me too.”

5. “Parks and Recreation” is another of my favorite shows coming to an end this season. I really like this article on what Parks and Rec can teach us about faithfully living as a local.



Friday Five

1. Are y’all tired of this song yet? Because I’m not. (thanks, Laura!)

2. How to Get Along with an Introvert. I agree with most of this. Especially points 1, 3, and 4. 

3. Present Spray. 

4. How One Stuped Tweet Ruined Justine Sacco’s Life. A fascinating look at reckless words and public shaming. 

5. I LOVE this song. He sings it every year at Behold the Lamb and ends it with a hymn and everyone sings along and it fills me with so much Nashville pride I can hardly stand it. #native 



Friday Five

1. Stephen King’s 20 Rules for Writing. I recently finished On Writing and cannot recommend it enough to writers. Glad to have all his rules here in one place. 

2. On the off-chance you haven’t seen this yet, here are Lennon & Maisy singing “Boom, Clap.” Remember this moment when, 2 months from now, your aunt posts this video on facebook.*

3. The History of “Loving” to Read. Interesting. (via Popcast)

4. Old/New, a cool little short film by someone about whom I say, “I know him … I mean, we’ve met like twice and follow each other on twitter” when asked who all I’m sitting with at the comedy show.*


5. Dear Facebook, You Make Me Sad. While I didn’t have entirely the same experience as Lauren, I did a purge a year or so ago and haven’t looked back. Recommend. 

BONUS: How to Make Friends as an Adult

BONUS DOS: Jimmy Fallon was killing it this week:



*Based on true events.


Friday Five

So, funny story. My blog was hacked last week and since it was an attack with the server, I ended up switching servers. My hosts were great and moved everything for me, but due to the hacking, they weren’t able to save my latest posts. This probably doesn’t bother any of you like it does me, but I wanted to note it here. That way, when I look back at my post history, I will have on record that I did not skip any Friday Fives. (There were also some great guest posts—Bachelor Recaps by Someone Who Doesn’t Watch The Bachelor. Just FYI, future self.)

Okay, now for your regularly scheduled programming:

1. I’ve been listening to this music all week. Piano versions of classic and current hits. It is so perfect for reading/writing/editing. 

2. j/k. I decided I didn’t like this. 

3. I love this NEEDTOBREATHE song (of course) and they made a new version with Gavin DeGraw. It’s just fun. 

4. The Post About Beth Moore Thinking My Mom Was a Drug Dealer. This is just funny. 

5. Ohmygoodness. Parenthood. Y’all, I’m still not over it. But neither is showrunner Jason Katims. This article made me cry (this is your tissue warning) and it has some minor spoilers. But I just love those Bravermans. 


Friday Five

1. Made any New Year’s Resolutions? Here are 25 Easy Resolutions to Transform Your Health

2. You may have already seen this. I know our local news did a 5 minute spot on it on NYE. #Nashville But, it’s too good not to post (also, check out the rest of her channel. She has some other great mashups.)

3. The Sad Internet: 2014 in Review. This is fantastic.  

4. That Thing You Do

5. The Boston Globe’s Big Picture Year in Review is always a great look back at the year. Here’s Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3