Friday Five

1. Average bedtimes in the U.S. per county [via Knox]. I found this fascinating. I go to bed at least an hour before the average person in my area. What about you? 

2. The iOS Predictive Text Song. He let the phone predict the words and it’s actually kind of catchy (even if it makes no sense whatsoever).

3. The Literary United States [via Mary Beth]. I am ashamed to say I’ve read very few of these. Also, when did we accept Washington D.C. into the Union?

4. Drew Holcomb.

5. How to Die Beautifully. I love this perspective on Autumn and sanctification. 

Shameless Self-Promotion: Top 6 Coffee Shops in TV and Movies over at Coffee Shoppers. 


Friday Five

1. Showing Grace in the Era of Cultural Outrage. I’ve had many of these same thoughts. 

2. All About the Books. How much do I love this? Let me count the ways: Nashville, library, books, All About That Bass. [via Jenna]

3. If Coach Taylor Quotes Were Motivational Posters

4. Pretty much everyone is in this video. 

5. The Lord is with you. In prison, in valleys, in stormy waters, in fire- I can’t stop thinking about the fact that when things are bad, the Lord is with me.”




Friday Five

1. To celebrate it being on Netflix, here are 12 Things You Never Knew About Gilmore Girls. I love the show, and only knew 2-3 of these things. 

2. I want this book. Also, if you can watch this without smiling, what’s it like to be a robot? 

3. Giving Singles Land to Till. I thought this was great by Lore Ferguson, bringing up several points that many of these sorts of lists leave out.

4. I’ve posted this theory before, but for those of you who are video people, here’s the Pixar Theory:

5. This is the cutest. There’s a whole documentary happening, too. (Via Lydia)


Friday Five

1. The Camp Counselor vs. The Intern. I went the camp counselor route and always thought it was the best choice for me. Therefore, I loved this article.

2. One of my favorite bands? Check. Favorite state? Check.

3. That Moment You Knew He Was NOT the One. You’ve heard the stories of people falling in love. Katy gathered some stories of the moment people knew they weren’t falling in love (or even in like).

4. John Mark McMillan + Bear Rinehart.

5. Y’all. I heard about the Skimm from Jamie and Knox and signed up this past week. It is wonderful. Basically, it sends you an email each day that gives you the scoop on major world events, but in simple language and a little bit of humor. I feel much more informed now.

Bonus: I want to be friends with these people.


Friday Five

1. Can you guess where people are from based on their accents? I got a 7/12. Also, I don’t remember where I found this, or I’d link to you (sorry about that).

2. Erin and MeLissa are coming to Nashville! If you aren’t familiar with Erin and MeLissa, you’re obviously new around here (welcome!). Here’s a video: 

3. Place “Only” Anywhere in This Sentence. This is just a fun little word trick for writers and actors (I once had to do this in an acting class when I thought I still had a shot at being a Disney channel star [that didn't pan out]). 

4. Meghan Trainor sings “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift. Also, I like her rap better. Sorry, I couldn’t get the video to embed. 

5. On Holding Pieces of Each Other’s Hearts. This is a beautiful piece on community, love, and friendship (via Laura). There is a language warning, though. 


Friday Five

1. The Need for Silence [Thanks, Molly!] Loved this sentence: “i think He allows silence for our own good… so that we’ll learn to trust without hearing and walk without seeing…. so that we’ll learn to submit to His timing and not ours.”

2. I cannot get this song out of my head, so here, you can listen to it twice. [Thanks to Mary for both these links!]

3. If Andy Dwyer Quotes Were Motivational Posters. I’d print these out and frame them.  

4. Laura sent me this a couple of weeks ago and I just forgot to put it in the Friday Five. Classic First Lines of Novels in Emojis. I got six of them (not always the line, but the title of the book) without looking at the answers. How many did you know? 

5. I thought this was a sweet video by Jenny & Tyler:



Friday Five

1. 36 Hours in Nashville

2. I liked this article about Deciding What to Read Next. I thought it was an interesting thought about having to learn how to decide. I distinctly remember the overwhelming feeling (that I still get sometimes) of being able to read whatever I wanted after college (and grad school) and not knowing where to start. How do you decide what to read next? 

3. Speaking of books… 

4. Speaking of bookbook™, this is an interesting study on memory and books on pages vs. digital. I believe it’s 100% accurate for me. 

5. The Little Rascals got back together and had a photo shoot. Insert comment about how old we are. [Thanks, Mary!]

Finally, I need your help for next week. So far, I have like two things. Friday Two just doesn’t have the same ring to it, you know?

Help Wanted

Okay, y’all. Here’s the thing. I’m going to Hogwarts next week, so I won’t be here to scour the internet for the five best things to present you on Friday. I know. 

But, I have a plan. I’m going to crowdsource this. I know what you’re thinking, “Elizabeth, whenever you crowdsource things, no one replies.” Well, you’re right. I had the same thought. But something about persistence and achieving things and I believe in you and clear eyes and full hearts. 

Here’s what I’m asking of you, dear readers. Please send me one of your favorite things from the internet. You can either click here to send it via email or if you hate surprising people, leave a link in the comments. This doesn’t have to be a recent thing. I’m looking for that article you’re always referring to, the TED talk where you took notes and made a print from your favorite quote, the YouTube video you force people to watch at parties and family gatherings, the song you love like a hipster (because no one else seems to have heard of it), etc. The only stipulation is that this is a family-friendly blog. I ask that things be rated PG at the most. Oh, also, I need these in by this Friday (September 5). 

I’ll compose a list of five (or maybe more … we’ll see how well this goes) of my favorites as next week’s Friday Five. It will almost be like “The Best of the Internet Awards” or something. 

[This Friday (September 5) will be your regularly scheduled Friday Five.]

Thank you in advance! 


Friday Five

1. Nick Offerman contemplates deep shower thoughts from Reddit. 

2. Being a Woman in Comedy. This is an interesting look at the difference between men and women comedians and what it means for a woman to be funny. 

3. Darkness is Losing by Jefferson Bethke. 

4. What Writers Can Learn from Goodnight MoonI remember my creative writing professor talking to me about the merits of Goodnight Moon once and how Margaret Wise Brown was a genius for the poetry in it, so I enjoyed reading this article about one of my all-time favorite books. 



Friday Five

1. I like the way this impressionist says goodbye to Robin Williams.

2. 14 Books That Change With Age. I haven’t read all of these, but I definitely remember the, um, metamorphosis of my opinion of Kafka. 

3. The Many Music Video Personas of Taylor Swift [Did y'all know she came out with a new song this week?!]

4. I once got a perfect score on a hue test, so when I saw this game, I knew I needed to test my superpower. The later rounds are difficult. I got an 8.5 overall. 

5. It’s Friday. Let’s take a trip to Europe. 

Magical Europe – Timelapse from StanChang on Vimeo.


What books have changed with age for you? What score did you get on the color test?