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Friday Five


1. The Royal Baby is actually Southern. Or Southerners are actually royal. Either way, Prince George is one of us, y’all.

2. Writers, Stop Writing About Writing. This is how I feel every time I try to write about writing and every time I read about writing. In a similar vein (in that it’s about writing), How to Spot Satire on the Internet. As someone who would love to write more satire, but is afraid of being taken seriously, I like the advice “you need to go for the jugular and keep a straight face.”

3. 6 Times Stephen Colbert Got Serious About Faith. Speaking of satire. It’s going to be very interesting to watch him on The Late Show, because he’s mostly played a caricature of someone (himself?) for years. In some of these instances, I’m still not sure if he’s playing someone or being himself.  Either way, I love how he explains Hell to his kids (the second on the list).

4. Because it’s Good Friday, I thought we’d end with a little worship. First, the Avett Brothers:

5. This is quite possibly my favorite song of the moment. But really the entire album is my favorite. Go buy it. (Also, last week, this song debuted on Conan’s website. Just a worship song playing on all day long. LOVE that.) 

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

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Friday Five


Okay, we’re gonna get a little teary at first, but stay with me. The last video is worth it.

1. Some strangers and friends made sure this dad would get a chance to walk his little girl down the aisle. TISSUE WARNING.

2. I also almost cried during this. I love what she says in the beginning about it being a song about not giving up on someone even when they give up on themselves. (And I know it’s a Disney song, but it’s kinda deep, y’all.)

[So, I couldn't find a way to embed it. Click here. It really is good.]

3. Connie Britton as Goodwill Ambassador, Tami Taylor for President.

4. I liked what Shauna Niequist and Hayley (the tiny twig) said about blogging and writing this week.

5. Finally. I present, Chozen (A Passover Tribute):


Friday Five


1. Samuel L. Jackson. Slam poetry. Boy Meets World.

2. How I Met Your Mother ended this week. (Oh, you didn’t hear?) And most people were not happy, including me. I really liked this article about it, which kind of explains probably why the writers ended it the way they did. I think it would have been fine, and even funny to have the kids grown up at the end and film a new ending. No need to force yourself into something when the characters have grown and changed. I learned that from Anne Lamott, I think.

Someone did provide us with an alternate ending:

3. I loved this article on what the church can learn from Jimmy Fallon. It nails exactly why he’s so likable, while challenging the church to be the same…likable.

4. I’ve had this song stuck in my head all week:

5. Add this to my bucket list (thanks, Lydia!).

Bonus because it’s just fantastic, even if you have already seen it: 


Tweets of the Month, y’all.


I don’t know Dr. Hamilton, but listen. John Piper’s endorsement of commas is my favorite.

Amen, me too.








Friday Five


1. The Office Time Machine. I love people who have too much time on their hands because they make stuff like this and it is fantastic. Enter any year and it shows clips from The Office that coordinate with that year. Any year!

2. Making Sad Songs Happy and Happy Songs Sad:

3. This is just fun: an article all about Emojis. It covers the history, some explanations, some stats, and how to get a new emoji made. Please, we need tacos already.

4. Erin and MeLissa are at it again with “Plan A.”

5. Run Your Race by Jen Hatmaker. Love this.

Bonus because I realized this past weekend that 80% of my fall/winter/March2014 wardrobe involves a cardigan: Cardigans, A Love Story.


Friday Five


1. The Giver is being made into a movie. I loved that book in high school (I also thought it had a different ending than the rest of my class did.). From the looks of this trailer, I need to read it again because I remember very little of this.

2. I just really liked this quote by Flannery O’Connor.

3. Check out this adorable baby workout.

4. This is just incredible technology. It’s a high-res picture of NYC and you can zoom in anywhere. It takes a minute to get the navigation down, but it’s fun to explore.

5. Who doesn’t love Charlie Brown and Snoopy? It will be good to see these guys finally make it to the big screen.

And just because this is such a great Friday song, a bonus:


Friday Five


This week’s episode is all about the kids. Because they are our future and because that’s what I found on the internet this week. Enjoy.

1. This little girl is so sweet donating her hair:

2. This article about Angie Smith and her book, Audrey Bunny, maybe made me cry a bit. Also, I just love her.

3. This little girl has an incredible memory and is so cute and animated! #Preach

4. Not about kids, but I want you to know that we’re holding a contest over at Coffee Shoppers this week. You should enter because there’s a prize!

5. These are my favorite kind of parents.

ALSO, March Madness is next week. I usually do a thing and I will do one this year. There will be a bracket contest, along with my famous strategy post. I know you’re all looking forward to it.


Friday Five


1. She’s 98!

2. Anna Kendrick’s Oscar Diary. It’s fun to see the Oscars from an insider’s prospective. Also, I really want to be her friend. Sweats, carbs, and snarkiness will be the ties that bind us.

3. I still haven’t seen Frozen, like many of you. (You let me know I was not alone on Twitter. Thank you. This is what the internet is for–solidarity.) However, this is funny:

4. Ellie Holcomb. I got to hear her sing and talk about the songs on her new album, As Sure As The Sun. Y’all. Go buy it. The songs are based on Scripture and God’s promises and hearing the stories about each one (she says she’ll be posting them on her blog) just made them even more sweet.

5. Lennon and Maisy have a new video out. It’s delightful, as always.


Friday Five


1. My friends and I started a tumblr. It’s about what we eat as single, adult women: MealsFor1.

2. Well, this is just precious.

3. The true identity of Andy’s mom from Toy Story. IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE.

4. Snap along if you feel…

5. There is a four-year-old who goes by the name of Mayhem making paper fashions that put Project Runway to shame. She’s adorable. Please, Heidi Klum, have Mayhem as a judge of the unconventional materials challenge!

Sidenote/Shameless? Plug: This week of the Bachelor was definitely interesting. The HuffPo recap included one of my (less-funny, in my humble opinion) tweets in this recap. Also, I can’t decide how I feel about becoming known for tweeting about The Bachelor. Do you watch?

Tweets of the Month Club:










We’re trying to make #SafePlaceSelfies a thing. Katie won this storm’s round.









Friday Five


1. Blurred Lines/Church Signs. This is well done.

2. Why Writers Are the Worst Procrastinators. She kind of veers off about halfway through to another topic, but what she says in the beginning is what I’ve been saying for years. We’re too good at deadlines. That’s why we procrastinate. [spoiler alert?]

3. Here’s an adorable knock-knock joke for you:

4. Love Showed Up: Leave Room for Yes. I love this example of loving on your friends when they need it most.

5. A sweet little short film.


Friday Five


1. The Perfect Way to Watch Winter Sports. I know some people who are pretty much at this level already.

2. To Those for Whom V-Day Stinks. Love this by Jen Hatmaker, even if she does call Valentine’s Day a fake holiday made up by card companies (that’s not true).

3. Have you seen Sean Lowe’s I Am Second video yet?

I love what Annie had to say about this. Even if you don’t know who Sean Lowe is, she brings up an interesting point about Christians earning the right to be heard.

4. Valentine’s Day means candy hearts. Here are some fun fake candy hearts sayings: 2014 Single, Party of One; Christian Candy Hearts; Olympic Candy Hearts.

5. I love my college major, but everyone with a liberal arts degree will probably find this funny.

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