About the Author

Hey! My name is Elizabeth Hyndman. I was born and raised and am still living in Nashville, TN. A rare native of this fine city. I get to read for a living. I drink a lot of tea.

You can probably learn a lot about me by following me on twitter and/or instagram @edhyndman (or by reading this blog. I mean, since you’re already here.).

Here on this little blog, I post five things every Friday (pretty much) that I  found on the Internet and think are interesting. Once a month, I compile a list of my favorite tweets. It’s kind of a big deal (not really, but people think it is). And sometimes, I actually write stuff—things I find funny, things God is teaching me, things I just feel like sending out into the void.

[I also blog about Coffee Shops with my friend, Laura.]

*Photo on this page, the one in the header, the one on the right side of the home page, and generally any photo of me on this blog that looks professionally taken, was taken by the lovely Molly Wantland, of Simply M Photography.

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