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About Elizabeth

Hey! My name is Elizabeth Hyndman. I was born and raised and am still living in Nashville, TN. A rare native of this fine city.

For my job, I get to read all day—my bibliophile heart’s dream. I also write. Officially, I’m a content editor, so I regularly nerd out about how grammar sometimes changes the theology of a sentence.

I received an undergraduate degree in English writing and a master of arts in biblical counseling and somehow manage to use both of those in my career every day. It can be done!

This is the part of the show where I list some fun things I love: Jesus, tea, books, being outside, fall (the season), and t-shirts.

You can probably learn a lot about me by following me on twitter and/or instagram @edhyndman (or by reading this blog. I mean, since you’re already here.).

This little blog has been running since 2008. In ten+ years, who knows how many things I’ve changed my stance on. I keep this here because the internet is permanent anyway and because every so often it’s grounding and beautiful to look back at where you came from, what you were thinking, and how your voice has changed.

I can no longer promise posts on here will be regular, but this blog is not dead. Thank you for reading!

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