Friday Five

1. As someone who regrets not marking up every book I’ve ever loved, I thought this quote on Why You Should Write In Your Books was fantastic.

2.10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Southern Baptists. Yep.

3. Have you seen Heavenly Joy yet? Oh my goodness.

4. How to Have Food Issues and Not Be Hated. Loved this helpful (and funny) article by my friend Nicole.

5. Discover your first tweet. I’m not going to pretend to be humble here; I had the Twitter thing figured out from the get-go. It’s also fun to look at all your friends and favorite celebs first tweets, too. (via Laura)

And just because this is my favorite song of the moment and also because it’s a holiday weekend, bonus:

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Tweets of the Month Club | June 2015

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Friday Five

1. I love this song by Ellie Holcomb. 2. This week, Elisabeth Elliot died. She was a hero of the faith and I loved reading about her life both in her writing and in others’. Here are 9 Things You Should Know about her. 3. This is just fun. 4. Aziz Ansari on love... read more

Friday Five

1. This article has been circulating, so you may have already seen it. But it’s too funny not to share: I Went Paleo and Now I Hate Everything. 2. I haven’t had a chance to watch the panel yet, but you better believe I was at home living vicariously... read more
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